The Ultimate Guide to Our Organic Coffee Roast Levels

Ready for a wake-up call? Then get ready for Orgaanika coffee! We’re bringing our delicious organic coffee to Washington, D.C., all the way from Peru. Order a fresh cup or grab your own bag to brew at home. Need help deciding which roast to choose? Check out our flavor guide to the different levels of roasted coffee.

Light Roast

Our light roast coffee is roasted the shortest amount of time, allowing for more flavor preservation. These flavors tend to be fruity and complex with notes of honey. While it is light-bodied, the acidity pacts a pleasant zing. The fresh air of the Peruvian mountains helped craft this bold flavor.

Medium Roast

Our medium roast coffee has the best of both worlds! A combination of vibrant light roast flavors and nutty dark roast flavors come together to make a well-rounded, rich taste that is not too strong but still makes an impression. With a medium body and medium acidity, this roast is truly the “middle of the road” of coffee roasts. The hint of chocolate and caramel are cultivated by Peru’s nutrient-rich soil.

Dark Roast

Earthy, nutty, and smokey, our dark roast coffee is the perfect early morning pick-me-up. Thick-bodied with low acidity makes it easy on the stomach and satisfyingly viscous. Feel refreshed with this Peruvian classic.

The Flavor For You

The best way to find the right roast for you is to try them all! Flavor is different for everyone, and your environment can affect how much you enjoy the flavor of something. You may find you like dark roasts more in the winter, or enjoy light roasts more in the afternoon.

Find your favorite roast and start bringing the refreshing taste of Peruvian organic coffee from Orgaanika to your home. Visit our website to order yours today.