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Good Coffee!

I usually use flavored coffee grounds as I love sweet coffee. I tried this and was actually able to decrease the amount of creamer I used because it’s just that good! Would definitely recommend trying it!!

Very delicious

This is amazing coffee! It's so good that I don't share, I keep it hidden just for me. There is so much flavor and it's so smooth. I look forward to my morning cup now, and it's a nice way to end my crazy day too. I've never felt like this before about coffee and coffee is my favorite drink. I very highly recommend to everyone, and I think I'll go make a cup right now.

Very strong in flavor and caffeine

This is great Very strong in flavor and caffeine. Great quality

Absolutely Amazing

Smooth rich taste! I am hooked.


I've been a coffee drinker all my life and like to try different brands.
This one is very good and smooth!


Was fragrant and a great gift for my dad who loves coffee.

Villa rica

Very good tasting and smooth coffee.. for once I can enjoy a cup any time...thank you.

Great coffee

Nice coffee, mild bite to it which I enjoy. Don’t need two giant scoops for your drip machine to get a nice brew.


I received this coffee to review and man, I’m happy I did. It’s a medium roast with a hint of sweetness. Gets my day going! I would highly recommend!!

Great smooth taste and the smell is amazing.

My whole family enjoyed this. We loved the smell and taste. We will be buying this very soon. Thank you so much. ☕️

I really enjoyed this coffee. I will definitely purchase this soon.

Really good

Really good coffee, makes my morning more better, good start!

Smooth flavor

Smooth, aromatic scent and flavor. Has a wonderful smell when you first open the bag, which prepares you for the beautiful flavor that follows. Not as strong as I prefer but delicious. Give it a try , you won’t be disappointed.

Really Good product

Really fesrh coffee with great smell and taste. i love thos organic coffee and i hope everyone give it a try, you won't regret it.

Great Coffee

We tried this the same day it arrived and it is Awesome thank you so much.Its smooth not to harsh and just right for us

Smooth Cup of Coffee

From first to last sip, this coffee is smooth and goes down easy. If you are looking for an all around great coffee, this should be your first choice.

Good coffee

I love the taste of this coffee. Nice and strong!

Fresh Coffee

The coffee was perfect for myself but a little strong for my partner.
So now I have it every morning and they use there own

Taste Great

Wish more coffee taste this Great less is all you needed to taste great coffee


Love the Villa Rica (Peru) Specialty Organic Coffee! Great flavor, rich and robust. Smells and tastes super fresh. Love that it is organic, make me feel good drinking it. Wonderful sourcing and a true delight.

Orgaanika Peru specialty coffee

Like the look of the packaging . I never heard of this company I would recommend

Great Tasting Coffee

This is some of the best tasting organic coffee I have ever had. I love the aroma, the smooth taste and rich coffee blend. I will for sure be purchasing more.


The coffee had a rich flavor but at the same time not overpowering, bold but not that sharp bold, real smooth and silky. Great coffee!


This was a very good and full of flavor. Thank you. I very much enjoyed!

Tastes great!!

This coffee tasted fantastic!! I am always somewhat skeptical on trying new coffee but once I opened it and smelled how inviting it was I couldn’t wait to taste it and it tasted so good! I had 2 cups and have drank it everyday since!