What Is The Difference Between Light Roasts and Dark Roasts?

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Caffeine Amount

Many people believe that dark roast coffee has more caffeine than light roasts, but in reality, the opposite is true. When coffee beans are roasted, the heat cooks the caffeine out of the bean. Dark roast coffee is cooked at a higher temperature and for a longer period, compared to light roast. This means it loses slightly more caffeine, although, it’s such a small amount, you probably won’t notice the difference.


Because light roast coffee spends less time roasting, it can preserve a wider variety of flavors. These flavors are often described as bright, fruity, and herbaceous. Dark roast coffee has less complexity but packs a bigger punch. These flavors may be described as nutty or smokey. The best way to find the flavor that is right for you is by trying them. Check out our specialty coffee bean delivery in Washington, D.C., to see which one you prefer.


Acidity creates a satisfying sharpness in coffee. This is usually more prevalent in light roast coffees as they have higher levels of acidity. If you have a sensitive stomach, dark roast coffee may be easier for you to ingest.


The body of a drink refers to the consistency, weight, or texture of the liquid. For coffee, light roasts are primarily light-bodied, while dark roasts are more full-bodied. A light roast may be more enjoyable in the summer or during the afternoon when you want a lighter liquid, while the thicker feeling of a dark roast is perfect for cold winters and early mornings.

While a coffee’s roast type has a variety of effects on the flavor, caffeine levels, acidity, and body, nothing is more impactful than where the coffee is grown. The local temperature, weather, nutrients, and more, all contribute to the flavors forming in your cup. If you want a taste of what the Peruvian mountains have to offer, then try our Orgaanika Organic Coffee in Washington, D.C. Order your drink or find our coffee beans online now!